• A light and refreshing blackberry twist for our Wheat Beer fans.

    Blackberry Wheat

  • Armstrong Amber

    Smooth Caramel Malt Flavor that is great all year.

    Goes great with most foods; but we suggest pairing it with some good BBQ...

  • Orange Chocolate

    Deep rich dark Malt Flavors with a hint of Orange Zest to smooth it out.

    This brew is best savored and sipped with good friends around a fire. (Hint: for the whiskey lovers, just add ½ oz of your favorite and enjoy)

  • Heavy Rail Pale Ale

    Very smooth medium Malt Flavors with a hint of hops.

    Goes great with all foods; but best with hamburgers or steaks.

  • Spike Driver

    Hop lovers get ready, this wonderful beer is jam packed with four varieties of hops and a lot of them.

    Smell the aroma before you take your first sip and then bitter smooth as you take a drink.

    A taste that will stay in your memory and leave you wanting more. (Head Brewers Favorite!!)

  • Apricot Wheat

    Light session beer with a perfect balance of Wheat and Apricot.

    This brew goes great with pizza or a sandwich.

Spike Driver Back on Tap!

December 28, 2012

Our Double IPA is back by popular demand and available to fill growlers for your New Year’s parties.



September 6, 2012

Thanks for visiting our new site, hope to see you in the taproom soon! Check back for updates on new brews and events.

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