Meet The RBC Family

Kelly Rue
Born in Nebraska and made it to California in 2000. Yes, I do like corn and worked in a corn field when I was boy; but more importantly I love beer and the conversations that are had while having a pint. And apparently my friends tell me that I turn into a “Big Bear” (The very friendly kind) when I have more than a few. I discovered my dream about creating a brewery a long time ago while running a micro-brewery’s kitchen in Lincoln, Nebraska and the rest is history. Also my favorite movie scene from “Shawshank Redemption” sealed the deal. Now I’m living my dream and loving life. The Bear doesn’t come out as often now that I have a family to take care of but every once in a while around a campfire there have been some sightings.

Phil Gottschalk
I enjoy spending time with my family, watching football, and drinking craft beer. Sometimes I can be caught wearing a tiara sipping imaginary tea with my 2 beautiful daughters. Cheers!

Scott Hemings
Hi, I’m Scott. In past years a lot of my time was spent babysitting “the Bear”. Since our brewery opened though, things have changed a little. Now I think we just all babysit each other and it’s been a ton of fun. I’m a husband and father of two young children. My love for craft beer doesn’t quite equal that love for my family……..but it’s close! Cheers

Brett Ratcliff
A New Orleans native and a former “Yat”, I’ve been infatuated with beer after joining the Beers Around the World Club at a local LSU pub back in ’89. Having lived in Germany as an exchange student and have travelled to well over 22 countries around the world, my passion for the complexities of beer has only increased with each passing year. My mission is to pour this infatuation into RBC and craft equally memorable brews. I am currently a Roseville resident, have an amazing wife and two cats. One white. One black.
Kevin is partner who’s role is as ambassador. He runs his own tree care business, dreams of a world that doesn’t depend on fossil fuels and loves to fly his plane when it’s up and running. A true man of the earth.